Best Tour Package for Manali and Shimla

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Shimla Packages for Couple

Discover Unforgettable Vacations with the Goa and Shimla Packages for Couple and Family

Get ready to plan your incredible trip of India and make your vacations, remarkable with us! Whether for a romantic weekend, a family holiday or friends, our recommended holiday offers create that unique experience. This blog explains some of the favorite couple packages of Shimla and a few more special tour packages of Goa, which are especially suited for families.

Shimla Packages for Couple

Shimla also called as the Queen of Hills. It is an excellent honeymoon destination for those Couples who plan to get away. Here is the list of our Shimla packages for couple which will indeed make your Shimla trip one of the best of your lifetime, with a delicious mix of some sort of couple activities founded in this beautiful hill station.

How to make Shimla couple packages – 

Weather info: Signing of the Shimla Couple Packages. Journeys means that customers are getting ready to embark on some of the most romantic trips of their lives in some of the most beautiful tourist destinations, especially in the summer.

Comfortable Accommodations: Clean and comfortable hotels with all necessary amenities are provided to tourists as well as stunning views of the Himalayas. Our package involves our staying in exclusive hotels and lodging centers that guarantee seclusion and comfort.

Romantic Excursions: Take a leisurely walk on the famous Mall Road, get acquainted with the historical structure of the Christ Church, and enjoy the photographic view of the Kufri. There is the most popular Rambler Toy Train Ride that gives the passenger a pleasant and rather nostalgic ride.

Adventure Activities: Other occupying types of activities that are included in bouquet packages are trekking, paragliding, and ice-skating. It can be interesting for couples who like adventures. Indeed, the above mentioned adventures are sure to bring some element of fun into your travel plan.

Personalized Experiences: Take candlelight dinners, private trips to visit famous places, and body massages to cherish the charismatic moment together.

Goa Tour Packages

Goa is perhaps one of the most popular tourist destinations India has to offer and there are scores of tour packages you can find on the Internet.

It is associated with the term, tourism, adventure, and fun. We have one of the best tour package for Goa which is best suitable for all kinds of travellers. It has equal proportions of leisure and sightseeing. Whether you are a couple who just wants to spend time together on the beach or a family who wants to experience the color and excitement of Goan tourist attractions, we have packages for you.

Options for Goa Packages

Luxurious Stays: The Goa packages we offer involve accommodation in some of the most magnificent resorts and hotels to warrant a comfortable accommodation. It depends whether you want a hotel on the beach or a small exclusive hotel with a cozy atmosphere.

Beach Hopping: Go for a sun bath at some of the famous beaches include Baga, Calangute, Anjuna and Palolem. Carnival activities and other water sports take place in the St. Louis beach. On the other hand the Durban beach is famous for its nightlife and peaceful sunbathing sessions.

Cultural Excursions: Explore the Portuguese influence in Goa by visiting churches, temples, and forts that reflect the culture of the place. Shop at the lively markets area and treat yourself to delicious Goan food in popular restaurants.

Water Sports and Adventure: Enjoy activities like parasailing, jet skiing and scuba diving among others. Couples and families can also have some fun and thrills derived from these activities.

Goa Packages for Family

In the Goa packages for Family we offer appealing and catered in such a fashion that you can enjoy your holidays without the stress. As for food and lodging to entertaining programs, every single detail of the journey is carefully organized to provide maximum comfort and delight to your family.

Highlights of Family Packages

Family-Friendly Hotels: Select accommodation options that provide on-site services and facilities that are convenient for families, such as family-friendly rooms or kid-friendly activities for children.

Kid-Friendly Activities: The attractions in our packages encompass: amusement parks, sanctuaries, reserve, and beach areas that offer good swimming areas. Guaranteed fun in Lanzarote, go dolphin watching tours and discover the marine life with snorkelling for kids’ friendly tour.

Cultural and Educational Tours: In order to make your children appreciate history to some extent. You can take them for historical sites and museums on tours around Goa. These are usually very interesting informative tours that give visitors a rich insight into the culture of Goa.

Leisure and Relaxation: The children can amused themselves in program organized by special staff while parents can relax in the spa or at night at restaurant. These programmes are a right mix of obligatory sightseeing and free time for guests’ leisure.

Why Choose Aaikaa Travels?

Our approach is unique at Aaikaa Travels where we deliver personalized and whole package trip solution to various clients. We pay attention to all the nuances of the transfer organization. So you can spend your valuable time only for fun and communication with your near and dear ones.

Still, waiting for your this chance to make your dream vacation come true? Let’s start with Aaikaa Travels. Whether it is the exotic Hills of Shimla or the colourful beach of Goa. We assure you to provide a wonderful extra-ordinary experience.